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Kira joined the family as lucky #7 of the Oregon Octet. On my way home one night -- around 10:30 PM -- I stopped at Wal-Mart to get (of all things) cat litter. Outside the store entrance was a man and his daughter and a large cardboard box. As I approached, the girl asked "Do you want a cat?" I then noticed that cuddled in her arms was a very small, very young snoesnow Siamese kitten.

The man explained that they'd found the box next to a dumpster, and were doing their best to find homes for all the kittens that night. I looked in the box and saw that it held another three kittens, all gray tabbies. But my eyes kept being drawn back to the little snowshoe girl and I knew I'd been schnookered.

Kira's birthdate is approximately September 15, 2002, so she's now three years old.

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